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Live Tracker related
Q. I know my friend is running but I can't see them in the Racer list.
A. There could be a number of reasons for this:-
  • The Racer listing has not yet been loaded.
  • The final Racer listing is not yet loaded and your friend may be a late entrant.
  • Your friend is a very late entrant or has withdrawn.
  • Q. All I see is the Tour Guide.
    A. Prior to the actual start RaceMyRace will show the Map in Tour mode - with the Tour Guide. By selecting the Live Tracking option you will then see your selected racers at the Start Line.
    When the race starts the race clock will start ticking and your racers begin to move (once they have crossed the start).
    If you haven't yet selected any racers to follow then use the Add Racer option select your racer(s) from the Racer Listing.
    Q. Do I need to refresh to page to get the latest data.
    A. No. The data is refreshed in the background so once the web-app is loaded it will keep itself updated.
    Q. The race has started but my racer is still shown at the start line.
    A. There could be a number of reasons for this:-
  • Your racer hasn't yet started. While the gun may have fired it takes time for the whole field the cross the start-line and RaceMyRace uses the racers actual start time and not that of the gun.
  • Your racers timing chip has a problem and didn't trigger as they crossed the start. This is rare but can happen. If we subsequently receive a split timing for them we will then set them as started at the gun time.
  • Q. My racer withdrew after the start but they are still shown moving on the course?.
    A. We project a racers current location based on their last known pace. We do not know of withdrawals until the official post race results are collated by the event timers. (Racers who withdraw for any reason - medical or otherwise - will, if they have started, be shown as racing. RaceMyRace are not responsible for anything that may result from this)
    Q. How accurate is Live Tracking.
    A. As accurate as it can be. We take direct feeds from the official timing pads around the course. This data is processed immediately. We then project the position of each racer based on their last known pace. (Before an actual pace is known we project based on a racer's estimated time, if available, or a system default)
    Q. Do you use GPS to place racers on the course.
    A. No - not at this time. RaceMyRace uses the official timing pads the record racers' times and then projects them onto the course.
    Q. Is RaceMyRace free?
    A. RaceMyRace is free.
    Q. Do I need to download a mobile application to use it on my mobile?
    A. No. RaceMyRace is a web-app so if your mobile has a browser you should be able to use it. iPhones, iPads & Android devices should all be ok.
    Q. I can't connect on my mobile?
    A. The web-app needs an internet connection - can you connect to other internet sites? For non-wifi users cell congestion, especially at large events, could be an issue.

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    Live Tracking and Results (when available)
  • The Live Tracker function (when available) uses data directly streamed from the timing company collecting data for the race.
  • All times are unofficial and are replaced by the Official Results when they become available.
  • Prior to a Racer recording a real split-time pace and location are projected using either a Member's Target Time, as entered in their Quick Profile on registration, or using a default pace.
  • Once a real split-time has been recorded pace and location are projected using the last real split-time available.
  • All stats (if available) are based on Gun Time.
  • RaceMyRace can not be held responsible for the failure of, or inaccuracies within, the data streams.
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